2017-06-11 - Miami, Florida - Hard Rock Stadium

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review by micfisto

4 months ago


I love the way U2 have brought The Joshua Tree into 2017. The arrangements complement their current abilities and sound as amazing as ever.

One Tree Hill and Exit were my personal favorites. "Put your hand against the screen. Ten dollars".


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Recording: Audience microphone - 3.5 stars


The energy getting into the stadium was great and there were many, many multi-generational families in attendance (mine included!). The crowd sounded good and loud when prompted by Bono but the participation died out pretty quickly. I've heard better.


Fantastic experience from beginning to end. I saw them as a teen in Munich July 21, 1987 and bringing my wife and teenagers back was very exciting/humbling/moving for me. They are as classy as always and will always be beloved in our home.

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  1. Bono in With Or Without You
  2. Dallas and Edge during Pride
  3. Edge during Pride


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  1. U2 in Miami
  2. U2 in Miami
  3. U2 in Miami

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  1. Trip Through Your Wires - Miami
  2. In God's Country - Miami