1. yeah i remember seeing that comedy show where the guys played 100 songs using the same chords
  2. That must be the "D C G" or "C G Am F" progressions instead, but yeah many progressions are so common that you can't even say who's copying who anymore.

    And I'm not a comedian but hey

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    I know, it really doesn't include a D (and in fact I almost wrote it as G ( > D) > C) but it helps when on the acoustic instead of the electric. That swirling effect of just doing huge sounding G and C (or Cadd9) chords ain't easy to achieve when playing a distortion-less acoustic

    Lies! But I know what you mean To compensate, I usually alternate the 2nd finger on the A string, so playing B-B-A-B (and then up to the C) to mimic the rhythm of the bassline.