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    Holy crap, that is definitely the coolest gift EVER for a U2 fan Your dad rocks big time Is he going to attend with you?
    Yes, he is going with me!
  2. no one talked nothing about Red Hill being release as a single next month?
  3. lol where, I didn't see it
  4. Some news from Croatian guy who's technology U2 wants to use on this tour...

  5. Google Translated it. Not the best.

    Update: people do not pls. write about in the papers, p or something because this is just the first call. I'm a fool whose language is always quick of brain so I ask for understanding. I have to be in LA in the NAC with a man, we have to solve a bunch of these. details and many other things because the stadium is 80k people on the 2.4 and 5.1 band, and latency must be almost zero. Fortunately, we already have experience with similar because we ┼Żuju worked InMusic Festival with 20k crazy and it worked. That, and the job for which I knew at the beginning that the biota only stress and total financial fijsko, we did it for the pure experience and prestige, are very likely to pay. Everything always comes back!

  6. Yes, exciting because.... showing what's happening on the stage through the video screens is groundbreaking, right?
  7. That's so 360 tour lol
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