1. Originally posted by Sarnek:I'm looking for a GA for Mastercard 1 (29/07) Is there simeone who could sell me one?! I would be very grateful!
    Mastercard Brilliant phone autocorrect
  2. I have a GA for Amsterdam 2 (30-07)

    Need a trade for Amsterdam 1 GA (29-07)
  3. I'm looking for 1 GA Amsterdam #1 OR/AND 1 GA Amsterdam #2.

    Should you decide/need to sell more than 1 tkt for each night, I can buy them all anyway. Thank you.
  4. Ok - I have some friends not quite as organised about buying tickets as I am. Need two seated tickets for Dublin and two - lower priced seats - for London No. 2. Much obliged to anyone who can help..
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