London 1 (seats)
    Rome 1 (GA) first time in Italy
    Dublin (GA)
    Brussel (GA)
    Boston (seats)
    East Rutherford 1 (GA) first time
    East Rutherford 2 (seats)

    that will be it..no more....we are running out of money....no Iceland holiday this year
  2. hi see you in Rome 1 GA maybe
  3. Amsterdam II
  4. i'm happy in Rome 1 and 2 there will be as opener Noel Gallagher and not One Republic
  5. So disappointed not to have Noel in North America.

  6. More precisely:

    Nosebleeds (35$ in Section 13H, Row 56) for Rose Bowl 1

    Yes, that list is complete. I'm not going to any more shows.
    Though I don't need Mumford or Lumineers, would've preferred Noel as well.
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