1. Bono did the The dust, a smoke screen all around like the old days
  2. They nailed it as far as I'm concerned
  3. a lot of synths as well...
  4. I do like ASOH, a very welcome song on the setlist. But the version on the Wide awake ep has a better intro. Indeed to much synths on the current version.
  5. [...]

    Rome1. Not my link.
  6. There is a recording of Rome 1 by Mariobros on u2torrents: taper specifically stated: DO NOT CONVERT IT to mp3 or other lossy formats except for your own personal use!

    So don't go posting links here with mp3's of that recording!

    PS: I'll post the flacs here on the site shortly...
  7. Originally posted by djparky:Nice surprise to hear ASOH tonight, overall a great night out, great atmosphere.

    making up for the 90 minutes it took to actually get into the stadium after joining the GA queue- note to the stadium- open up more turnstiles and is it really necessary to do multiple security checks???

    Yeah, both nights checked 3 times !
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