1. Originally posted by ana87:To everyone interested, this song was written by Ryan Tedder and Brent Kutzle, it was recorded in OneRepublic studio, it was meant to be on their album Oh My My, but eventually they didn't put it on the album. Since then their fans have been asking what happened to this song called ''West Coast'' & now we can only think that Ryan brought the demo to U2, then they re-wrote the song, called it ''Summer Of Love'' & left the chorus part from the West Coast. My opinion it's the best song on this album, but Ryan & Brent should be credited as songwriters too. Also you could see in the credits of the song names of 1R team like Tyler Spry, Nate Lotz, Noel Zancanella... It's because they were recording the West Coast for 1R & finished doing Summer of Love for U2.
    Great insight. Thanks for this.
  2. the song is great, love the quitar.
  3. Not sure whether this was posted already:

  4. I see! Ah ah. Not so good! (I (have to) give 0 to students for plagiarism; the key is to cite your sources!)
  5. I think it's interesting how people think music is produced in an isolated environment and are surprised to learn that people in the music industry talk with each other and share ideas.

    You want to see how music feeds off of itself? Turn on the radio and listen to any pop song and you'll find more than a handful of samples that have been simply lifted from previous songs. Most of the legal showdowns regarding musical plagiarism are highly publicized as publicity stunts, because if this issue was actually taken seriously all the old Hip Hop/Rap gods would be profiting from the majority of the songs released today.