1. There is a more relevant part in that article. The author wrote that U2 said they had delayed SOE because of Brexit and Trump. But this was not the whole truth, because Bono was seriously ill last year with a potentially fatal illnes. You can check it in the article, I don't have the Hotpress magazine, but I've read it in another forum.
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    This thread is on a "need to know" basis...


    But all joking aside, depression is indeed a very serious matter, and no fun at all.
    I've known more than enough people who are struggling with this. And, unfortunately,
    also people who have suffered from this up to the point they couldn't take it anymore...

    To call depression a "brush with mortality," is a bit besides the point. It is no brush at all.
    It affects you for life and serious conditions have to be treated with medicine.

    The "why am I walking away?" (from all good things in life) does indeed characterize
    depression. But it's not walking away from mortality, but rather walking away from life
    because one is unable - or feels to be unable - to connect with life.

    My point: if Bono suffers from depression, he would be suffering from this much longer
    than only a few months last winter.

    But, as I have tried to show from well documented events and interviews, Bono has been
    close to a couple of life threatening events since November 2014. All these events up to
    the winter of 2016 may all have added up to something he would call with right "a brush
    with mortality" as being on the "receiving end of a stick."
    And it's only human to have experiences like that.
    well said (again.)