1. Did you ever get this, Sergio?

    I should give you mine. I never even opened the U2.com shipping box.
  2. I really want the Another Time Another Place vinyl
  3. Yes I got it! Papo sent it kindly to me. I'm sure some other U2starter will gladly take your copy off your hands though Thanks for the kind offer!
  4. In that case, are there any people with a double copy of North Side Story?
    I'd be happy to buy or trade it for some other stuff.
  5. Does anyone know what shows will be used for the B-Sides of the vinyls for this year's gift?
  6. I just assumed that side A was the studio version and side B was the 2017 live version.

    I hope I'm wrong and they somehow put live versions of the other seven JT songs on the flip sides.

    Edit: Sadly, this is the case.
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