1. Originally posted by cqleonardo:

    Ahhhhhhh so they still remember there is a world outside EU and US! And they remember they have an album in the making called SOE. Nice nice nice
  2. if they don't release SOE this year, I'm gonna make that movie "Killing Bono" a real life experience
  3. Great news imo. It would've made me a bit nervous if they extended the JoShua Tree tour
  4. Originally posted by cqleonardo:

    So all those Latin American rumored dates in October that were to be announced this week were not true, what a shocker.
  5. I don't know, Cesar. That source was pretty reliable.
  6. I always figured the rumored South American dates would be for the beginning of the SoE tour. . .

    Not to say I really expected them. But if they were to happen I figured that's how it would have been.
  7. great thing we'll have Lovetown 2018 tour
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