1. Originally posted by MacStripey:I'm thinking that I have to admit I underestimate our band's rhythm section, which is bass and drums. Whenever I listen to live recordings, I follow along the melody part that is Bono and Edge. That's my way of listening. I "notice" the playing of Larry and Adam, but for me it's all about guitar and vocals. Difficult to put into words.
    But I was just listening to that Edge Sound thing that Sergio shared the other day, where the sound of Edge's guitar is filtered out of the live recordings. All you hear is Larry's drumming and Adam's bass, with a bit of Bono's vocals. But the main thing is the rhythm section. And I found myself listening in awe, it was like I never really listened to what those two contribute to the band's sound. It is big, it is a driving force. Absolutely impressive. I had a huge "wow" moment that actually lasted for more than two hours while I listened to that stuff.

    Larry Adam

    So true...So many of their songs have an interesting drum riff or have a bassline that is a melody or makes the song swing. A complete band with no member not doing their fair share.
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