1. Yay. Crosspost to drunk thread.

    A shame a title wasn't on the line today. Great day out none the less.
  2. Just booked airbnb for Jul 21-25. This is happeeeeeniiiing
  3. I was just looking at your photos there from the previous trip: On the second page there is a photo tagged as "Galway Docks" but no, this is the Claddagh area of Galway where I grew up. If you look again at the photo the building on the left witnessed one of the early U2 shows outside Dublin in November 1979, I was way too young though to have seen that!

    Bono's former home at the Martello Tower is located in Bray

    Kilmainham Gaol featured on the "A Celebration" video

    Carrigogunnell Castle and Moydrum Castle featured on the rear and front of the Unforgettable Fire album. But not easy to see unless you are driving. Die hard fans have scrawled graffiti on the walls. lol

    Enjoy Dublin
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