Quiz: Setlist rarities (Advanced)

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U2 are not known for shaking up their setlists, but every once in a while they surprise us with rarities and special moments that make a show truly unique. Do you think you know everything about rarities? Prove it in this quiz.

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  • Quiz level: Advanced
  • Quiz ends on 2018-12-31.

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  1. 1. Msmenegol (10 in 01m:17s)
  2. 2. LikeASong (10 in 01m:22s)
  3. 3. johnthedude (9 in 00m:41s)
  4. 4. u2cincifan (9 in 01m:31s)
  5. 5. dunc (8 in 01m:31s)
  6. 6. fleavox (8 in 01m:34s)
  7. 7. bodybU2ilder (8 in 01m:48s)
  8. 8. Bullet_Blue (8 in 02m:04s)
  9. 9. sharvey4994 (7 in 01m:06s)
  10. 10. cjnemec (7 in 01m:38s)