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U2 returns to Australia for the first time in 9 years. It has been a while and will make it a long love affair since their first visit in 1984. It's also a good time to test our memories and test your knowledge of U2 and Australia!

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  • Quiz level: Intermediate
  • Quiz ends on 2021-01-01.

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  1. 1. fleavox (9 in 00m:52s)
  2. 2. paulw77 (9 in 01m:29s)
  3. 3. wesy (9 in 01m:37s)
  4. 4. edg (9 in 01m:39s)
  5. 5. thejonner (8 in 00m:36s)
  6. 6. Papo (8 in 00m:42s)
  7. 7. WideAwakeBadBoy (8 in 00m:44s)
  8. 8. ASortOfDesire (8 in 00m:46s)
  9. 9. Welsh_Edge (8 in 00m:50s)
  10. 10. pan_Feroslav (8 in 00m:59s)