1997-04-28 - San Diego, California - Jack Murphy Stadium


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  1. Pop (9)
  2. Achtung Baby (4)
  3. The Joshua Tree (4)
  4. Boy (1)
  5. The Unforgettable Fire (1)

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review by Ali709

14 years ago


I must confess that I expected this to be a terrible show, having my ideas of Popmart + hearing about the beginning of Popmart and that they were underprepared ...but I was proved wrong. I DID enjoy this show despite of all mistakes and problems, and it was much better than what I had expected.
Clearly it's not their best show, and as some of you have said it's a very bad one. They weren't prepared of course, therefore most of the new songs are just screwed up, but the old songs are mostly well done. Details...
* Although it's a new song, Mofo is done quite well, and as you get the bass and drums, the music is just amazing!
* One of the old songs not done so well is I Will Follow, probably because they didn't play it during ZooTV.
* Last Night On Earth is done better later on Popmart, but this one isn't bad either, and Bono's voice is actually quite good. It does get messed up a bit, like around 4:40 "You gotta give it away"...there is something wrong with it! They also screw up the ending, doesn't sound good!
* Gone, what a beautiful song, yet Bono sings it badly, specially the ending is kinda irritating ("gone, gone, gone,...") !
* Until The End of The World is performed well, there seem to be technical problems tho, a bit in the beginning and specially the end. There is something wrong with Edge's guitar sound in the end (before and during "lalala...lalala").
* IGWSHA, I didn't know it was ever performed live, it was interesting to hear it, but they absolutley fuck it up. Why is it performed like this?! They seem very confused during this one! The "I like San Diego" bit in the end sounds pathetic...as if he is trying to make it up to them! :-|
* Staring At The Sun is better in acoustic, but it isn't that bad here either. Bono's fine on this one.
* Daydream Believer is quite nice actually!! If I'm not wrong, that is The Edge singing! A highlight of the show in my opinion!
* Miami is done mostly like the studio version, not bad, not so good either.
* Please is fine, Bono messes it up a bit in the middle, around 3:05 when it goes silent and Bono has to sing "So love is big...". Why are there Sunday Bloody Sunday drums in there?!...They weren't able to show the beauty of "Please into Streets" but it ain't bad, and Streets is done quite well. You gotta love that guy in the audience who yells “Where the streets have no name!!” when it’s about to start!
* Discotheque is well done. WOWY is just amazing, mostly because you get all of Adam's bass which makes it awesome.
* HMTMKMKM is messed up in the beginning, they don't start the music right after the alarm like song in the beginning, the rest of it is ok. Mysterious Ways is fine and so is One (older songs, as mentioned above).


>> Pros:
*It's a good recording, a great feature of it being that you can perfectly hear Adam's Bass which makes everything much cooler. You also get a good listen of the other three.

>> Cons:
* The vocals again, Bono's voice gets drowned in the music a few times, but it's not that much noticeable. It's probably partly because of Bono's voice and not the recording.
* I (as someone who really enjoys hearing the audience reactions) didn't get enough of the audience...at times when they were singing along, you could hear them but it's very low, doesn't show the power. But you probably can't just get everything in a recording unless it's an official DVDrip or some broadcast.

Recording: Audience microphone - 2.5 stars


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As a bootleg it has a good recording, you get what you have to get of the music very well, you don't get all the audience, but it's fine.
About the show, it's an interesting one to have, see them mess things up and compare it to when they figured it out. But, if you are looking for a bootleg to show you what Popmart was all about don't go near this one...try Mexicofo or something else.

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