1997-11-08 - St. Louis, Missouri - Trans World Dome

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show attendees: 17

7 users from Missouri:
Larsfan28, Moostache2, STL2steppin, ahilmer, cash35, husker99, mtell1

2 from Kansas: Rev1L, seanedwards
1 from New Jersey: rjblaskiewicz
1 from Minnesota: moneyman2u
1 from Iowa: cth71
1 from Kentucky: Trucolorsfly
1 from Arkansas: eddyc
1 from Illinois: Lemon269
1 from Michigan: Blue_Room
1 from Nebraska: NUBD344

review by RedSoxU2

11 years ago


This is one of the better PopMart shows I have ever heard. Great chemistry within the group. Very tight playing. You can hear the long hours spent practicing and performing together. By this point the band was in top form even though many American fans had already checked out on the tour based on the first leg which was substandard to say the least. Bono was in top vocal form here also. His voice gave me chills several times throughout the recording. For some reason his voice has not been the same since this era.


Just shy of SBD. The sound is extremely clear and has a ton of punch. Listen to this on a good stereo and you will hear one of the better IEM's from this tour and there were several good ones. A balanced recording for an IEM. Plenty of low end and Bono's voice, while in the forefront, is not overpowering.


Hard to hear in the IEM recording but it sounds like they are into the show. They get up for the classics. I think U2 feel an energy in the building and feed off of it.


Not a perfect bootleg. I don't like click tracks but this one isn't in your face like some of them. At the same time, this is a great find of a rare show. A true blue full bown PopMart show with all the fixins. Love it or hate it, PopMart was an achievement no other band could pull off. Again, these big domes weren't sold out very often on this leg of the tour and many people didn't understand what happened to their beloved U2, but this is a great document of a brilliant performance by four men pushed to the max who don't know how to fail. They didn't take a night off in Missouri in 1997, they went off.

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