2001-06-09 - Boston, Massachusetts - Fleet Center


  1. Elevation / Pump It Up (snippet)
  2. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
  3. Until The End Of The World
  4. The Fly / Lust For Life (snippet)
  5. Even Better Than The Real Thing
  6. Mysterious Ways / Jump Around (snippet)
  7. In My Life (snippet) / Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
  8. Kite
  9. Gone
  10. New York
  11. Out Of Control
  12. Sunday Bloody Sunday / Johnny Was (snippet) / Get Up Stand Up (snippet)
  13. Desire / Van Morrison's Gloria (snippet) / Dude (Looks Like A Lady) (snippet) / Jump Around (snippet) / Psalm 51 (snippet)
  14. Party Girl
  15. Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
  16. Bad / Alison (snippet)
  17. Psalm 116 (snippet) / Where The Streets Have No Name
  18. Beautiful Day

  19. encore(s):
  20. Bullet The Blue Sky
  21. With Or Without You
  22. One / She's A Mystery To Me (snippet)
  23. Walk On
Performance notes: First performance of Party Girl in eight years and three days. Last performance of Even Better Than The Real Thing until 30 March 2011. When Bono is snippeting Van Morrison's Gloria at the end of Desire, he inserts some other lyrics that one may initially assume to be U2's Gloria, due to some similarities: "Oh Lord, open my lips/Anything I can, I will do for you/And my mouth shall shout up your praise". However, although the last line does not resemble any in Gloria, the lines do bear a strong similarity to Psalm 51 from the Bible. As the connection to Psalm 51 appears stronger, the snippet is credited to it rather than Gloria.
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songs per album

  1. All That You Can't Leave Behind (6)
  2. Achtung Baby (5)
  3. The Joshua Tree (3)
  4. The Unforgettable Fire (2)
  5. Pop (1)
  6. Boy (1)
  7. War (1)
  8. Rattle and Hum (1)
  9. Zooropa (1)

best song performances

  1. Desire (5 votes)
  2. The Fly (4 votes)

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review by Genaro92U2

8 years ago


The band seems to really be on it. Elevation starts off the evening properly, nothing special until the “Pump it Up” snippet arrives at the end. Bono’s hoarse voice isn’t necessarily that different from other nights on the Elevation tour but it seems to work here, Pride has more grit than I remember (probably because of the spot it’s in), as does Until the End of the World, Bono’s roars at the end made me very happy as a fan of that song. The Fly on the Elevation tour as you know is a whole other animal. This version is more of the same as other version but that doesn’t mean it isn’t amazing. The segue between UTEOTW and The Fly is something they should bring back. An Iggy Pop snippet is always an epic win as well.
Even Better is good, nothing particularly special although it’s the last version of it until March 30th 2011! And oh my God would it return in a big way… (Edge messes up a on this version however)
Mysterious Ways, I forgot how it sounded like pre-360. So much more funk, sexy and rock ‘n’ roll than what it is now. (Although I enjoyed it immensely at Anaheim2 last year) Bono’s voice is still wrecked though unlike the later tours. But yes, I’m going off topic, this versions greatly appreciated by the audience as far as I can tell. (Btw, 4 Achtung Baby songs in a row? Good stuff.)
Then In My Life and Stuck in a Moment come and ruin the vibe, although it is their tour which I guess means they have a right to appear FUCK THOUGH, Bono’s voice is ravaged around at the start of Stuck. I just don’t like this song anymore. Moving on. Kite, an actual GOOD song on ATYCLB that isn’t overplayed. Now THIS is a song they should bring back in full <3 I’m biased, I’ll never tire of this song so I’m going to say as usual that this was an epic performance and speech by Bono and the band. Bono’s hoarse voice once again works here.
Gone, one of the most rocking songs on Pop, a song they should bring back by the way! S*** like Elevation, In a Little While, SBS and Magnificent lives on but Gone doesn’t? Although to be honest this version isn’t that epic. On the next tour though a segue out of Elevation would be sweet. Anyways…
New York bores me to tears here. Sorry, unless it’s the dvd version where I’m physically watching it I don’t like it. Moving on. Out of Control is amazing as always! But really rough here though LOL Edge you sure about this? it might be the recording but something’s iffy about this version. It almost falls apart a few times ahaha makes it very enjoyable though still. Sunday and Desire were pretty good, nothing that different (although the snippets are excellent). Party Girl and Stay were good, Bono’s Elevation era voice doesn’t sounds that good as always but he puts in real effort for Stay, Bad and Streets. Beautiful Day so late in the show was interesting, I totally forgot about it and was caught by surprise by this version.
The encore is the encore. Good stuff. Nothing I’ll be keeping on my iPod though. Still a good performance that I highly recommend checking out!


Sounds not intrusive or distracting to the bootleg listener. However you do feel like you’re not fully there as other, better sounding bootlegs allow you to be. Still worth listening to for a really good show.
Recording: "Heart-Shaped Show" - 4 stars


They seem really up for this show. The jolt that Pride’s intro roars out made me jump as well. They really reacted to the songs and the oddness of the setlist. They enjoy Even Better which was a nice surprise because Edge mangles it. They seem to disappear for a bit during Gone though or Stuck (until Edge sings of course). overall I have no doubt that they were pumped up throughout the show in the arena.


A really special show on a slightly underwhelming tour (until the later legs imo). The Elevation Tour is fantastic, if Bono’s voice had been better. Bono sounds older here than he does now! But overall the band sound incredible as usual, this show is really good but probably not something I’ll be keeping on my iPod very long to be honest. But worth listening for the many highlights!

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