2009-02-27 - London, England - BBC Radio Theatre


  1. Get On Your Boots
  2. Magnificent
  3. I Kissed A Girl (snippet) / Beautiful Day / Blackbird (snippet)
  4. Breathe
Comments: U2 perform a Live Lounge session for BBC Radio 1. Boots, Beautiful Day, and Breathe are broadcast live on radio, while Magnificent is only shown on a website video stream accessible solely to UK viewers - it will be broadcast the next week on Zane Lowe's radio show. The band were going to play a cover but ran out of rehearsal time; Bono nonetheless sarcastically snippeted a line of I Kissed A Girl and asked the audience to imagine they are a U2 cover band before Beautiful Day began. This was Beautiful Day's first live performance since the end of the Vertigo Tour on 9 December 2006. See our full article here.
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songs per album

  1. No Line On The Horizon (3)
  2. All That You Can't Leave Behind (1)

best song performances

  1. Breathe (3 votes)

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review by Remy

11 years ago


Bono is slightly off key at start of GOYB and Clayton makes a couple of note mistakes. But no big deal. A passionate vocal that kicks in 1/2 way thru and makes it an awesome performance, one of Bono's GOYB best.

Breathe is excellent vocal.


Sound quality absolutely amazing. Can feel every electric Edge vibration and crash of Mullen, jr. GOYB and Breathe instrumental is hair-raising electricity!
Recording: FM Aerial Broadcast - 5 stars


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  1. Live at the BBC!
  2. Live at the BBC!
  3. Live at the BBC!

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  1. The Edge at the BBC
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