1978-03-02 - Dublin, Ireland - RTE Studios


Comments: U2's first ever television appearance. The performance, on the show Youngline, was filmed when U2 were still called The Hype. However, it went to air in June 1978 after they changed their name to U2 and the TV show credits them correctly with their new name.
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review by max_thehitman

9 years ago


Not bad for a group of young musicians just making their way up the later of success. Bonos voice is not yet in tune. They seem very enthusiastic and full of energy.


Very good sound quality
Recording: Audience microphone - 5 stars


There seems to be no audience


A very good early recording of a very young U2 band.
Defenitly worth keeping in ones music collection, if just for the memories of a very early U2 recording.
THANKS for sharing this!

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