1983-02-26 - Dundee, Scotland - Caird Hall


Comments: First performances of Two Hearts Beat As One, Seconds, Party Girl, and 40, and the last performance of Fire. Only time Like A Song is played. Amusingly, after Party Girl, Bono states that it was the song's "first, and probably last" performance - it has gone on to become U2's most performed b-side, with almost 200 performances to its name.
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songs per album

  1. War (7)
  2. October (6)
  3. Boy (4)

best song performances

  1. Like A Song (7 votes)

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United Kingdom
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review by nickbibby

8 years ago


Absolutely fabulous!

A set driven by Larry's drums, the energy from the band is clear right from the off. Bono screams "GLORIA" and the tone for the performance is set.

Great opening 3 songs, dropping in NYD as the first track from War then on to the uplifting OOC and it's difficult to catch your breath. SBS as Bono claims "Is NOT a rebel song", but it is a song with soul.

The only place where the set slightly (but only very slightly) loses it's momentum is when Tomorrow follows October, however, the second half of Tomorrow is good enough to pick it up again.

Superb performance.


For its age, this boot has pretty good sound, but I'm giving it a 3 star comparing it to more recent, high quality boots.

However, don't let the 3 stars put you off downloading!

Recording: "02/26/1983 - Dundee" - 3.5 stars


They were excellent. You could tel these were big fans of War from the singing along with most of the songs. Very rowdy, and in a good way!


A real gem for me. Loved the set list, especially the inclusion of Like A Song for the only time it has ever been played. You could tell the band were up for the gig and really excited about their new songs they could bring out.

-The opening 3 tracks - Larry's drumming is magnificent!
-Like A Song, the only time it was ever played - but why? Should have been played more.

-I feel very harsh, but the only lowlight is the sound, but as I said, please don't let this put you off, this is a great boot!

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"02/26/1983 - Dundee"

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