1983-05-30 - Devore, California - Glen Helen Regional Park


  1. Gloria
  2. I Threw A Brick Through A Window
  3. A Day Without Me / Dear Prudence (snippet)
  4. An Cat Dubh
  5. Into The Heart
  6. New Year's Day
  7. Surrender
  8. Two Hearts Beat As One / Let's Twist Again (snippet)
  9. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  10. The Cry
  11. The Electric Co. / Send In The Clowns (snippet) / California, Here I Come (snippet)

  12. encore(s):
  13. I Will Follow
  14. 40 / Give Peace A Chance (snippet)
Performance notes: 'US Festival' - Line up includes Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul, Berlin, Quarterflash, Missing Persons, The Pretenders, Joe Walsh, Stevie Nicks, and David Bowie
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songs per album

  1. War (5)
  2. Boy (5)
  3. October (2)

best song performances

  1. A Day Without Me (6 votes)
  2. An Cat Dubh (3 votes)
  3. The Electric Co. (3 votes)

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review by markp91

12 years ago


A nice gig from U2's early days. Just before climbing the legendary stage of Red Rocks the boys play a small gig on the US Festival in Devore. The band shows it's great shape and they're definitely pulling off a great show.
Gloria is a great song and they play it very good here. Still, it's nothing more than an average version.
ITABTAW/A Day Without Me is one of the best sequences they ever came up with and it's really awesome here. Especially A Day Without Me is fantastic, the highlight of the show. And one of those great snippets of The Beatles' Dear Prudence is involved, makes it awesome
They're not completely able to pull it through tough. An Cat Dubh and Into The Heart are weak and New Year's Day is no good either. It almost sounds as if the boys are kinda tired of playing NYD.
Things get fantastic after that again tough. Surrender is awesome, 2nd highlight. I would've prefered to see Seconds instead of Surrender, but they play Surrender awesome. Two Hearts Beat As One is great too, altough again just an average version.
Sunday Bloody Sunday and TEC make a great end of the main set, but they're not legendary or special. Average versions, still great tough.

The encore is more interesting. I Will Follow is brilliant, as it always was in the early days. It's hard, it's big and it's just rock n roll
40 is pretty good too, altough the snippet of Give Peace A Chance really sucks. Bono kinda fucks it up there. Overall a great gig, but there are certainly better gigs.


Could easily be released as live album.


Good crowd. Nice sing alongs, not annoying. But if I sense right they're more waiting for David Bowie to climb the stage.
Heard better crowds, but for a crowd that isn't completely full of U2 fans they're great.


A very nice boot just before the famous Red Rocks gig. The gig is good, they boys are in shape. I missed Seconds and the snippet of Give Peace A Chance doesn't work very well. A Day Without Me and Surrender are the highlights. Great sound, would easily fit as live album.
It's nice to hear U2 just before their legendary first dvd performance, so it's worth a download. Nice boot too for if you don't have time for 2 hour gigs or so. Overall 4,5 stars worth.

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  1. Bono scaling the ladder with the white flag
  2. Bono in Devore '83

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  1. U2 in Devore

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  1. Bono rocking at the US Festival