1984-11-05 - Edinburgh, Scotland - Edinburgh Playhouse


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songs per album

  1. The Unforgettable Fire (6)
  2. War (6)
  3. B-sides and singles (2)
  4. Boy (2)
  5. October (2)
  6. Other songs (1)

best song performances

  1. Two Hearts Beat As One (4 votes)
  2. A Sort Of Homecoming (3 votes)

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review by Remy

10 years ago


Great performance of the band during the Unforgettable Fire tour. I think Bono was in good shape though the rest of the band made a few mistakes, which I actually like in concerts. It takes away the 'usual show' label, I love it when something happens like Edge's guitar mistake in Amsterdam in 2005 or the tear gas incident in Paris in 1987.

The first mistake was messing up the intro of Bad (Edge got guitar trouble), which Bono greatly dealt with by improvising a little and then singing a bit of 'Time is on my side'. One of the reason Bad is my favorite U2 song is all the snippets Bono sings during this song, I love it. After a few seconds Edge's guitar was ready again and the band finished the song perfectly. So Bad features a great long guitar intro with a great snippet.

The second 'mistake' (sounds like one) was the intro of Gloria, which is longer than usual, probably because of some technical problem too. Gloria was the song of this show I started listening with high expectations, if I believe my co-crewlid Gerard Gloria is the reason this concert is great. And he is right, Gloria is great and for fans: it lasts more than six minutes!

Overall the band delivered a great performance in Scotland, better than average.


This concert deserves it's 4-stars, it's a great audience recording. You can hear the instruments very good and Bono's voice is clear too. Also the audience noise is not too loud but just good for an audience bootleg.
Recording: "Unforgettable Scots" - 4 stars


The crowd was great this show, even though the loud clapping you can hear a few times is a little out of time. If you love crowd noise during a bootleg you should hear to the end of Pride, they sing this song for U2. Also the intro of Gloria features great participation of the crowd, as well as the usual crowd participation in '40'.


Great show, with highlights featuring Bad, Gloria and Bono's amazing voice. The best example of Bono's great voice is during The Electric Co. where he sings the Amazing Grace snippet. It's Bono at his best, I had to playback the song to hear it again.

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