1984-11-06 - Glasgow, Scotland - Barrowlands


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songs per album

  1. The Unforgettable Fire (6)
  2. War (6)
  3. Boy (2)
  4. October (2)

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review by aussiemofo

11 years ago


Wow!!!! What a hidden TUF treasure! Glasgow seems to have caught U2 at their TUF peak (or close to their peak) at this gig. This was an energised performance from top to bottom of which much credit should be given to a very fine and solid setlist. There was a great balance of the first four albums and the whole show flowed quite fluidly with exciting high points of energy (opening set, SBS-Electric Co. and Pride) coupled with beautifully intimate moments (A Sort of Homecoming, October & 40). With Edge well and truly on song, all tracks were performed very proficiently particularly the 'classics' such as Pride and SBS.

This was the first of two TUF concerts for the Glaswegians who were a very excited bunch and Bono saw fit to feed off that energy. A wonderful performance from a band obviously proud of and excited about their new material at the time.

Highlights (there are many but I'll keep it to a handful)

TUF & ASOH - I won't harp on this because I know how everyone feels about these two. Both were stunning renditions however I felt ASOH was more like the album version compared to other live recordings and Bono was holding back a little during TUF. Note to Bono: Please play ASOH when you next tour Australia....

The Cry/Electric Co. - There's a very good reason why this track was a constant staple during the first four tours - it always went off! More specifically, Bono went off, Edge went off and the crowd, ultimately went off! This gig was no exception. There's been better snippets than Amazing Grace but this song once again demonstrated its wonderful durability.

Gloria - I love this song! It's very adaptable live. Whether it feature in the opening set, as part of an encore or smack bang in the middle, it immediately excites regardless of what it follows or what it precedes and once again this rendition didn't disappoint.

Other notables:
Party Girl - It was played how it should be played - electric. I never want to see Edge play it acoustically again. It's just a let down.
Pride - Edge was flawless here I felt.

Low Points

This was such a great show, faults were very few and far between but if I was to be pedantic....

Two Hearts Beat As One - It's a weak song. This was one of the best renditions I've heard but you can only sugar-coat a turd so much and it shouldn't be in any setlist. It's no wonder it was shortlived.

No Bad snippets. EDIT: No recognisable Bad snippets.


I don't know what Casper did to the original but he did a sterling job. This was one of the best to be reviewed by BRT in recent times. It offered a crisp, clear, audible recording totally deserving of its 4-star rating here. No song could be faulted and the audience also had their voice at the right spots - a near perfect presence. They weren't overly audible nor were they mute. But I guess the main reason I was left extremely satisfied was one word: Adam.
His bass had a very clear presence through Edge and Larry which is somewhat of a rarity on most boots. Very good sound which gave rise to a stellar TUF performance (see below).

Recording: "Hybrid Casio Capsules - Sony WM D6" - 4 stars


This part is only rated, not commented on


Great choosing Casper! Unlikely I would have listened to this gig had it not been a BRT show. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to hear the band during the mid-80's. This one's staying on my iPod for a little while yet.

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