1985-02-05 - Bologna, Italy - Teatro Tenda


  1. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
  2. I Will Follow
  3. Seconds
  4. MLK
  5. The Unforgettable Fire
  6. Wire
  7. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  8. The Cry / The Electric Co. / Send In The Clowns (snippet) / Amazing Grace (snippet)
  9. A Sort Of Homecoming
  10. Bad / I'm Waiting For The Man (snippet) / Sympathy For The Devil (snippet) / Ruby Tuesday (snippet) / Take Me To The River (snippet)
  11. October
  12. New Year's Day
  13. Pride (In The Name Of Love)

  14. encore(s):
  15. Party Girl
  16. Gloria
  17. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
  18. 40
Performance notes: First performance of Knockin' On Heaven's Door since December 1983. At the end of Wire, Bono seems to be about to snippet John Lennon's Give Me Some Truth as he had on previous nights recently, but then stops himself and announces Sunday Bloody Sunday.
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songs per album

  1. The Unforgettable Fire (6)
  2. War (4)
  3. Boy (2)
  4. October (2)

best song performances

  1. Knockin' On Heaven's Door (3 votes)

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review by stj0691

13 years ago


'4th of July' was interesting...really interesting to hear live. I have new respect for '11 O'Clock Tick Tock', and I thought the version was spot on. "I Will Follow' was great and fast, the pace it should be tried to be played. 'Seconds' is one of those songs I loved hearing off the album, and I never heard it live until now. The band was on fire! Every second too (HAHA). 'MLK' and 'The Unforgettable Fire' had their moments, but never really took off for me. That's just me though. 'Wire' was a beast, Bono sounding like a wild bird on the hunt for prey. This led into an estatic 'Sunday Bloody Sunday', which was astounding. 'The Electric Co.' here is 8 minutes long, but don't back away! Every moment is sheer brilliance! It starts with 'The Cry', an epic version of the song, and includes a bit from 'Amazing Grace' which I loved. 'A Sort of Homecoming' is one of those songs you hold deep to your heart and really treasure it. U2 kicked serious arse this time around. 'Bad' is another piece of epic artistry. 'October' was good, which led into the rocket known as 'New Year's Day'. 'Pride' seemed to be played at a faster pace, which I loved. 'Party Girl' was a fun little ditty to hear. 'Gloria' was cool to hear, but the coolest to hear was 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door'. It seemed the band enjoyed themselves, especially Bono. '40' closed an amazing show, one where U2 proved they weren't just a band from Dublin City, but one of the elite.


Clear and amazing. It's one of those audience recordings that goes to prove there are things better than SBDs and IEMs.


First time in Italy, and it wouldn't be the last. Really excited crowd, and a lot of people knew the words to many of the songs, and really added to the show.


I loved this show, and it's staying on my iPod. My first TUF boot, and one that I'm gonna keep close for a long time. 'Seconds', 'Wire', 'The Electric Co.', 'Bad', 'Pride', and 'Knockin' were highlights. No bad points in the show at all, which makes it so 'unforgettable'. A must have for a Pre-JT U2 fan!

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