1987-07-08 - Brussels, Belgium - Vorst National


Comments: Bad is dedicated to Greg Carroll, who had been buried exactly a year ago. At this stage, U2 had not yet played One Tree Hill live.
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songs per album

  1. The Joshua Tree (7)
  2. The Unforgettable Fire (4)
  3. War (3)
  4. Boy (2)
  5. October (1)

best song performances

  1. With Or Without You (4 votes)
  2. Where The Streets Have No Name (3 votes)
  3. Help! (3 votes)

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review by aussiemofo

11 years ago


There are so many legendary Joshua Tree shows many of us know and love - Rosemont (Rock's Hottest Ticket), Paris, Wembley, L.A., Denver, Sun Devil. They're all vintage U2. You can add Brussels to the list also.

Right from the very first note, this show kicked a lot of arse. Played straight after the famous Paris gig, Brussels provided superior renditions of almost every song that was featured. The Streets opener is the best I've ever heard. The crowd just go nuts as soon as the gents take the stage and those first organ sounds surface and then Bono proceeds to just go off, particularly towards the end of Streets.

Edge didn't put a foot (or note) wrong and Larry delivered one of his finest, really give it some extra oomph throughout, particularly during I Will Follow, Electric Co. and Bad.
Brussels is a keeper! There was simply no let up from the boys. I don't what Bono was on but he gave every ounce of energy and passion he had behind every single song. And from a simply stunning Streets the show continued to deliver in spades.

I Will Follow rocks, I Still Haven't Found... Running, Sunday, God's Country. . . they're all amazing.
I've always preferred the JT versions of The Unforgettable Fire and this one is probably the best I've heard surpassing Denver...just listen to Bono during “Stay tonight in a lie" and you'll see what I mean.

I've felt Electric Co. is incomplete without The Cry, but who really cares when they play it like this. The best Cry-less Electric Co. you will hear is Brussels, complete with Bono's expletive during the bridge and then proceeding to make puke noises at the end!

The October-New Year's Day combo followed by Pride is also great and then we have three fantastic encore tunes, including a nice '40' to close out. Just simply a near-perfect performance.


Sound was excellent. Only a few blemishes such as minor interference during Running and some volume fluctuations during another song I can't quite recall (In God's Country maybe). The sound also appeared to turn on and off in between a few songs which was also a little distracting but I'm starting to get picky now.

Recording: Audience microphone - 4 stars


The audience helped make this boot. They were relentless in showing their appreciation, really getting behind every song. Audience highlights include someone yelling 'Oh my God!' at the start of I Still Haven't Found and another bloke singing la-la-la-la America, la-la-la-la America to pre-empt the Electric Co. snippet only to have Bono not sing it. Wrong tour I think mate!


Download this boot right now if you haven't got it. It's a must-have Joshua Tree show. I can't believe I waited for Gerard's BRT selection to listen to it!

Every song. Really.
Streets - As above. The best intro with Streets as an opener I've heard.
The Unforgettable Fire - the best version I've heard (or that I can recall)
Electric Co. - It's often my gig highlights, but this one's special. The puke noises are classic.
In God's Country - another best-of performance.
With or Without You - I can't ignore this one either. This is how WOWY should be all the time.

None. Flawless.

This holds Rosemont status for mine. It will forever be on my iPod.

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