1987-08-08 - Cork, Ireland - Pairc Ui Chaoimh


Comments: Out Of Control makes its Joshua Tree Tour debut. It was last performed on 7 July 1985. Last time U2 have covered C'mon Everybody.
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  1. The Joshua Tree (7)
  2. Other songs (4)
  3. The Unforgettable Fire (4)
  4. War (3)
  5. Boy (2)
  6. October (1)
  7. B-sides and singles (1)
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review by Caledonia

4 years ago


This is a great Joshua Tree show if you can get past some of the hysterical screaming that the recording captures.

U2 are in full party mood from the moment they set foot on stage with their versions of 'Stand By Me' and 'C'mon Everybody', and as with many Joshua Tree gigs and indeed other U2 gigs since this period, getting more serious about two-thirds of the way in to the show for the string of songs sometimes referred to as 'the heart of darkness'.

Being the last show on the European leg of the tour, and Edge's 26th birthday, it's a special occasion, so it's back to party mood with 'Party Girl' where Edge's then wife Aislinn comes on stage with birthday cake (and I would imagine champagne as is often the case during 'Party Girl'), before closing with a lively rendition 'Out Of Control', and "40".


Whilst the hysterical screaming on the 'SW 51' version of this show is less prominent, it is still audible at times, and to my ears, this version is more 'muddier' and distant as a result and lacks some of the clarity of the 'Cork Connection' recording.

However, pumping the volume up a bit helps to overcome the muddyness and this version is still very much worth having for its completeness including 'MLK', 'The Unforgettable Fire', and the full unfaded version of "40".

Recording: "SW 51" - 3.5 stars


The Cork audience sure know how to party judging by these recordings, I'll say that much!

Some of the hysterical screaming can be a bit ear-piercing at times (especially if wearing headphones, so you may find occasions where you're having to turn the volume down a notch or two or even take your headphones off momentarily where the screaming is at it's worst - largely near the beginning and towards the end of the show).

But hey, U2 gigs don't come round too often, and we all have to let our hair down once in awhile, I've done my fair share of out-of-tune singing and shouting myself at U2 gigs down the years, so I have absolutely no objections to that at all, it's just a pity it gets in the way of the music sometimes.


Great show in full party mode. Just let down a bit by the screaming in places, but it can't be helped, and still worthwhile having if you can get past that. For me highlights were the opening two songs, as well as 'Sunday Bloody Sunday', 'People Get Ready', and 'With Or Without You'.

I can't help feel how incredibly disappointing it must have been though for those in attendance not to have heard 'Where The Streets Have No Name'. Still, got some nice other stuff to make up for it.

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