1992-08-16 - Washington, District of Columbia - Robert F. Kennedy Stadium


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songs per album

  1. Achtung Baby (9)
  2. The Joshua Tree (5)
  3. War (2)
  4. Rattle and Hum (2)
  5. The Unforgettable Fire (2)

best song performances

  1. With Or Without You (25 votes)
  2. Ultra Violet (Light My Way) (23 votes)
  3. Zoo Station (8 votes)
  4. Desire (7 votes)
  5. The Fly (7 votes)
  6. Bad (4 votes)
  7. Until The End Of The World (4 votes)
  8. Even Better Than The Real Thing (4 votes)
  9. Sunday Bloody Sunday (3 votes)
  10. Mysterious Ways (3 votes)
  11. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (3 votes)
  12. One (3 votes)

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2 from Texas: dutchterp7, rtask
2 from California: anstratdubh1979, u2fouru
1 from New York: stereomike718
1 from Chile: u232462
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1 from Florida: mira8
1 from Arkansas: gineryc
1 from Pennsylvania: zoopiglet
1 from Alabama: logan2u2

review by haytrain

14 years ago


Another aspect of the show that has both good and bad. The first seven songs (Zoo Station - UTEOTW) were on fire. I personally didn't have anything to complain about, and everything seemed to be nailed dead on by all members of the band. That all changed once they started New Years Day and sloppy mistakes just kept adding up after that. This is about as inconsistant as I've seen U2 (not counting the atrocity that happened when they opened Popmart in Vegas. Yikes .). I don't know if they just got lost and forgot where in the song they were, or the fact that the band was just coming off a month and a half break, but some of the songs are outright sloppy. So, what started off as an amazing show was mired by some surprising mistakes by a usually focused band. Rating: 3 out of 5.

Sidenote: "Bad" seemed to have problems with the synthesizer track cutting out unexpectedly, and it made me wonder if someone's playing along live with the band under the stage (thought I saw someone hanging out under the stage at a keyboard during a special feature on the Boston DVD?) or if it's all pre-programed and the band has to play along with a pre-recorded arrangement.

Show Highlights:

"Zoo Station" through "UTEOTW" - Everything nailed perfectly. Zoo Station was especially good.
"Ultraviolet" - Brilliant
Edge's solo in "With or Without You" - Need I say more?

Show Lowlights:
Surprising mistakes by the band during "New Years Day," "Bad," "Pride," and "Desire."
No crowd noise makes it feel like this isn't even a real show.
I absolutely hate the "acoustic set" of Angel of Harlem and ISHFWILF. A complete waste of setlist space, if you ask me.


This is a strange one. It's got it's good, and it's got it's bad, that's for sure. To start off, the good is the balance of the instruments in the mix. Everything sounds pretty clear to my ears, and no member of the band is too loud or too soft. I'm not sure why someone would go out of their way to eliminate the crowd noise like they did. There were also some weird blips throughout the show, and in some songs, Bono seemed to be a maxed out, causing some minor distortion (Bad comes to mind.) If there would have been "normal" crowd noise, I would have rated the sound a bit higher, but as it is, I can only say it's an average sound quality


The bad part of the sound is fairly obvious: there's no crowd whatsoever


There's some really good tracks on here, but some other tracks are ruined by some technical glitches and uncharacteristic mistakes by the band. Worth a listen, but not staying on my hard drive

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  1. The Fly lands in Washington