1. These shows must be among the most legendary shows ever performed by U2
  2. Night 3 30th December 1989 , there was a magical night it was the best U2 gig I have ever been to, a great audience, a great intimate venue(compared to where they were playing) , a great set list , the band on top form and in their hometown, I think it has been widely recognised as their best hometown performance.
  3. by any band

    The 30th will always be my personal favourite. It didn't have Bad as the 31st or a killer One Tree Hill as the 26th, but it has the best Running To Stand Still ever (the crowd taking over on the Dirty Old Town snippets ranks high among my all time favorite live moments), the best WOWY ever (closing the concert for a change) and and overall feeling of awesomeness that cannot be topped. I will always hate ^u2lemonman^ for attending it
  4. Exactly 25 years ago now, U2 were playing the first of these shows:

  5. 1989-12-31 is mine favourite show of the tour i heard it on the radio it was also broadcasted here in the netherlands and recorded on tape at that time i`ll still have it in mine collection
  6. Listening to some stuff from the 30th. I think I prefer the 26th though. Bono nails the WITH OR WITHOUT YOU. in the middle. He didn't do that often.
  7. Great shows I was at the one on the 27th and 30th great gigs played some great tunes Two hearts beat as one, 11 O'clock Tick Tock and Out of control were memorable
  8. All are great, but 31th is the best for me! What a memories...
  9. I will always hate ^u2lemonman^ for attending it

    Sergio , I am glad I can have some sort of impression on you
  10. Haha no hard feelings, Karl... Just a lot of envy
  11. They are all incredible shows. When Bono's voice was on...from 87-89 it was so heavy and powerful. Christmas(Baby Please Come Home) is a perfect example. God Part II from 12/26 is another favorite. Oh, if I only could have been at those shows. But my experience at Tampa 12/5/87 was magical...and the ok audience recording helps me relive it from time to time. His voice on "Exit" was great.