1. There is a new You Too, you can vote for this new poll on the frontpage and discuss it in this thread.

    The question of this new You Too is:

    You Too: Which version of Every Breaking Wave do you like the most?
    - The album version
    - The piano version on the Deluxe album
    - The live piano version of the promo tour
    - The single version

    Single version:

    Please vote on the frontpage of the website, in this thread you can tell us why you voted for your answer.
    Your vote is valued! Thank you!
  2. Album version.
  3. Album version [2]
  4. This one:

    From the options above... I voted for the album version.
  5. The live piano version of the promo tour
    Especialy from the EMTV
  6. The single version sounds like a demo. Poor.
  7. I also vote for my personal mix.

    And the album version.
  8. still the album version.
  9. If I had a high quality version of the single...
  10. Am I the only one that prefers the EMA version?
  11. EMA is the best live performance so far, but I still prefer the album version.
  12. In terms of which live performance is best, I'm pretty sure you aren't alone in your preference of the EMA version.