1. You might be the only person who prefers the 360 version.
  2. I think so too!
  3. is there any live and electric version of this song?
  4. I know this is 5 years old but I vote for JT 2019 Version lol.
  5. Album version for me
  6. Never understood why they didn't try the electric version. It's not too difficult, maybe they felt it was too mid-tempo to work well live. I'd assume they take that into account though, when in the the studio
  7. As if the piano version was much better Nah I think it was just a way for Bono to show off
  8. Songs of Innocence's track 2.
    That's my favorite version
  9. The thing is that it was such a succesful way to show off that they had to turn the song down a semitone during the European leg of the tour

    Anyway, the radio mix is my favourite version (acoustic with strings and live vocals from MTV EMAs)