1. One of the DVD covers I have made.
  2. hi, how do you actually print those covers? I see the one by SJKamal is posted as JPG. As most copyshops require a pdf, can you recommend some converter tool to create a correctly sized PDF?
  3. I can send you the PDF if you want, but when I print it out I will be using a printing company that specialise in print outs for DVDs etc
  4. problem is, those specialized companies want to start producing at 25 pieces, or they are extremely expensive for single prints (one company wanted to have 20€ for a single cover) - Therefor would like to print it in a copyshop on photo A4 and use the scissors :-)
  5. Yeah it all depends on what company you go with, I have a found a company in the UK that will do 10 prints for £10.

  6. Did a BluRay Version a few months ago. Can also send the correctly sized PDF if anybody needs it.

  7. 2nd Version