1. Simple ten iem feed pull for Billy Idol a few weeks ago.

    Not pictured: multitrack recorder, power supplies, antennas
  2. Nasty…
  3. Where's the black trash bag?
  4. Over the antennas
  5. How does one get all that equipment past security?
  6. Originally posted by LikeASong:[..]

    Fantastic sound man!!! What a GREAT first pull, hats off Thanks and congrats.

    How was your experience? How "restricting" did you find having all the gear mounted onto you?

    It went great! Honestly couldn't have gone better. The way the Bowl has their speaker system makes it so the slightest head turn doesn't ruin or change the sound much. Great atmosphere. Security never went near my seat once!
  7. Who do I ask for help editing or mastering a concert?