1. Keep in mind that the shipping charge is applied only once per order, so it's better to order in bulk.
  2. We're stronger than the NRA.
  3. Oh wow, they all look awesome!

    California is my favourite, even though I won't be able to make any shows in 2015 I think I'll still order it. The 1977 Reach Me Now one is also really cool, as are the EBW one and the two for The Miracle.
  4. can't attend any u2 shows this year either, but I'll be proud to wear them during my everyday life
  5. Noted.

    How long do these things take to ship if you were in say... California?
  6. I will sell it to someone that will queue before you ¬¬ and won't wear a California tshirt hopefully
  7. I'd say around 2 weeks but don't trust me much.
  8. Remy's arrived super quick from the U.S. store. EU quotes 1-2 work days for shipping.
  9. I call for every user who owns a new u2start shirt (and feels comfortable with it) to take a picture and post it here