1. Sure which one would you like to see in more detail? Some I have ready (eg as the ones featured in the newsletter are in big size on the frontpage) and some I can upload.
  2. Maybe EBW, California and the 1977 TIWYCRMN.
  3. I wouldn't mind seeing larger versions of all of them really.
  4. Are the mediums fitting like mediums, like the ones you would get at a gig or are they a tighter fit?
  5. California shirt in navy blue should be on the way to me soon! Thanks for doing this, it's a great idea!

  6. I'm ordering my California shirt pretty soon. I'm just undecided on the color. Navy blue sounds like a great option.
  7. Could be tighter fit, if you're unsure just check the measurement table or return it in 14 days for another size.
  8. I've added all designs in much bigger size to the opening post of this topic. Hope that helps If not, let me know what else you would need.
  9. Congrats crew, great work !
    I especially love the Wolves and "Paint the world you need to see" ones.
  10. This morning we surpassed the 100 mark of shirts sold, an amazing achievement in just the first two days. Thank you all for your enthusiasm, feedback and interest! I hope to see many of you on tour with some of these great shirts
  11. Sorry but the shirts look lame just being honest, U2 should have had my brother to design them..
  12. No problem! Everyone has a different taste, and it better be like that Hope U2 themselves come up with some nice shirts for you to wear then! Cheers for the feedback