1. This topic is to gather all of Adam's tour shirts, he has so many different ones. All amazing for their own reasons.
    Looks like the central topic in all his shirts is U2's early days, right?

    Let's try to have a new shirt on at least each page of this topic, I'll start:

  2. (Phoenix 1)
  3. Yep, love that t-shirt.

    And another from Phoenix, also great one:
  4. Originally posted by Remy:[..]
    One of the most amazing ones as this is almost the same shirt he wore on the Street Mission video
    I would like to have that shirt...we have some people here who can design shirts, right?
  5. dude's hairdo game gets better with age, i'll give him that.
  6. +1
    One of my closest friends loves Adam and loved this t-shirt, I'm trying to make her one for her birthday

  7. Love this one!
  8. Great topic! I'm in

    (Denver 1)

    (LA 4 - collect 'em all = collect 'em all! )

    (Denver 2)

    (Denver 1 - not the best pic, but hey, its the shirt that counts!)

    (LA 5)

    ...thus so far
  9. He is my fav of the band!! Nice topic!!
  10. ...