2015-06-24 - Chicago
Tour: Innocence and Experience tour
Songs played: 25
Audio recordings: 5
Videos: 1
  1. It's getting real for me now. I'll be at those last two.
  2. who is pressing vinyl for these shows.
  3. Didn't you hear? The soundboard bootlegs are already up in trader's circles. Drowning Man sounds fantastic!
  4. drowning man ..adam has been wanting to play this song for years .
    what about deep in the heart?i see a video link but its not hd screw this.hahaha
  5. shit just got real haha
  6. Didn't somebody talk about how flooding would affect the setlist?

    I think we're going to get The Ocean, and Every Breaking Wave full band.
  7. I asked if it would affect the shows going ahead in another thread
  8. Definitely not.
  9. So I've been listening to a lot of songs I haven't listened to in a while in an attempt to rebuild my playlists and I was wondering how awesome Lady With The Spinning Head would be live. I mean, it's like Mysterious Ways, The Fly, and Ultraviolet rolled up into one song.