2015-06-24 - Chicago
Tour: Innocence and Experience tour
Songs played: 25
Audio recordings: 5
Videos: 1
  1. Haven't checked in to U2start in quite a bit of time. Going to Chicago 1 & 2. VERY PUMPED, Y'ALL!
  2. sadly i live in Melbourne so ill be waiting for the next tour or next years legs, have a great time!!
  3. Maura! Great to have you back Have one hell of a time! Looking forward to hear from you!
  4. Originally posted by dylbagz:[..]

    Get them To hold off on the crystal ballroom until I'm there! Thanks. Not sure how any of the other gigs I'm seeing be better than the ones in Chicago if CB and One Tree Hill came out

    You're going to most NY gigs (if not all) which will have as many rotation as Chicago (if not more), so I guess that answers
  5. Originally posted by gurtholfin:Tomorrow I will see U2 for the first time since 97 in Madison, WI.

    Will be taking my 16 year old son and as I saw my first U2 show in 87 (in Chicago) when I was 17, things will come full circle sorta.

    Really looking forward to this - especially his reaction if he "gets it."

    I believe he will.

    That is awesome - both things. It's been a long time since 97 so I hope you enjoy it as much as the old times... And well, your son closing the circle three decades later is amazing Have a great time.

  6. This comment is so dirty I had to clean my screen after reading it.

  7. [elysia1#U2ieTour]
  9. Getting real now. Can't wait to be there on Monday. Good luck tonight
  10. Enjoy the show! Even if they play Stuck and Elevation and Grace! Good luck!