2015-06-24 - Chicago
Tour: Innocence and Experience tour
Songs played: 25
Audio recordings: 5
Videos: 1
  1. Almost a week without shows. I hve the feeling that Crystal Ballroom will appear once or twice at this Chicago gigs
  2. a fan asked bono if they would play it, he said its not ready yet, after november
  3. Are you referring to the November/after Denver confusion?
  4. there was a video, i said we have to fit that song in such a great song, but not ready or something along those lines cant remember where i saw the video;(
  5. Because by November the 2nd leg already ended! Maybe you're thinking about an interview where someone said "So, Denver?" and people heard "September" or "November". I heard "Rembember, are we just starting again?"
  6. let me in the sound, guys
  7. Where can you see (meet and greet) the band when they enter the United Center this evening?
  8. ...meanwhile in the GA line:

    - OMG...is this what the pizza's look in Chicago, or is it all over the place...states?
    (From a continental point of view it looks more like a pie )
  9. That's Chicago-style pizza for you. We call it deep dish

    Sauce on top, cheese underneath. And thick, thick bread and crispy crust.

    Best pizza in the entire country, and many say the world.
  10. Where's the cheese in that? Where are the onions, pepper, meat?
    It looks like it only has tomato sauce