1. Uh, guys...
  2. Elevation Bono, best hair.

    360 Bono, best jacket variations (love the purple LED one)

  3. best look imo (glasses/hair/jacket)
  4. As for the best hair, though, it has to be either the really short Pop hair or the slightly longer but still short mid-360 hair.

    My next favourite is his fluffy-topped Boy/October era mullet. You wouldn't get away with that today, but for the time, it actually looked pretty good on him.
  5. I think my absolute favourite would be during the ground beneath her feet/beautiful day video? not too long, not too short, very neat he didn't wear it like that very long and has never done so since or before. too bad.
  6. this tour his hair looks horrible but i do love his heart for charity its really sweet cant say much else at the moment fans get more attention than his loved ones i think
  7. It doesn't look so bad here...

    (I'm not saying GOOD...but not BAD either... )