1. You may have noticed that we have recordings of both Mexico City shows now up on their respective show pages (oct 3 & oct 4), and both are recorded by Mario Bono

    I think they are quite, to very good recordings (nice clarity and warmth), but somewhat compromised by loud screamers and what appears as clipping problems.

    Now Mario Bono has sent me the lossless files and I will try to remove those loud screams (or at least try to smooth them out) and perhaps fix some of the clipping problems.
    This will take some time as all screams have to be dealt with manually, but I have good faith I can clean up a good amount in the coming week.

    Of course, both recordings will then be made available in lossless
  2. Thanks to pibeslandia and manolito we now have a wonderful 4-star recording of
    2017-10-10 La Plata, Argentina at the show page / audio tab

    The sound is very clear and steady and in general the audience is at a pleasant distance.
    Although at times some screams, claps & chat comes pretty close
    (and perhaps the balance is slightly off), but I don't think it spoils the fun too much.
    After all this is a SOUTH AMERICAN concert with a whole lot of passion (and Messi )

    A lossless version will be posted as soon as the lineage (source) is confirmed

    ¡Buen provecho!

  3. This is an internal mics source? Wasn't clear.
  4. No, isn't clear. The information provided was very minimal, but we thought the recording was too good to hold any longer.

    César is trying to contact the taper(s) in Spanish...hopefully we can clear things up soon and share the lossless.
  5. Fair enough!
  6. very very kind of you ,thanks
  7. Today a recording of 2017-10-11 La Plata 2 by taper "mosh" was submitted in FLAC to u2torrents and u2start's facebook account
    (both with identical info file). Because this is a so-called lossy source, the recording was banned from u2torrents.
    And although it is a bit of an odd, and sometimes even "off" sounding recording, we decided to add it to our database as
    a 2.5 star bootleg (mp3 only).

    Most of the quieter songs are quite listenable albeit having a distorted and sometimes rather artificial sound. Some songs,
    however, are rather challenging to say the least, for example SBS, Vertigo and YTBTAM...

    So now you know.