1. No i say i can't login , it's Always say "try again"
  2. Come on people, this is not the U2torrents support group. Contact them via email, Twitter or anywhere else if you have issues
  3. UPDATE: the excellent audience recording by Lenoplaf from the 2018-11-13 Berlin, Germany concert
    has been added to the database

    BIG thanks to @lenoplaf
  4. The XAVEL silver bootleg "2 Days In Amsterdam - 1st Night & 2nd Night" is also up now

    Thanks to @Mcsportster for liberating & sharing
  5. Must have if you like loud distorted vocals!
  6. Link 2 does not work anymore
    MEXICO, VAMOS CON TODO!" 14/05/2011

  7. First show of Manchester = second show.
  8. This Berlin multicam is excellent!
  9. UPDATE:

    Saving the best for last...

    a third (!) iem-aud matrix of the JT 2017-07-30 Amsterdam ArenA (2nd night) has been made available thanks to
    @Dutch_Baker, @Heitelan_Taper (Fryslân Boppe ), @MLKLuke and @hoserama (aka sharebear).

    It's so good that even I like this matrix

    Bad news, I suppose, if you like your "1-2-3-4 tech talk" high in the mix, because this one seems to be void of any
    Even the metronome shakers are very low, which makes this matrix a truely enjoyable matrix from one of the best shows I ever attended

    This genuine 5-star "boot" is availlable both in FLAC and 320kb/s mp3's for your portable music device.

    Seriously folks, this one is truely awesome...


    At this point I would also like to give special mention to @U2Torrents for being such a wonderful and generous place
    for U2 tapers and U2 audio lovers, such as myself. Thanks for being such a fine friend to U2Start and all the U2 fans out there!

    Let us cling together as the years go by & Happy New Year's Day to you too