Surfacing after 37,5 years...1981-10-08 Sheffield, UK - Lyceum

    Recorded by @Mikeday1962 & transferred by JEMSHQ

    Yes, this is a brand new master

    Check it out & enjoy
  2. Yes. But not before I returned from my vacation, and only when I feel like it


    < chardonnay
  3. These things never cease to amaze me. Wow Thanks a lot to all involved.

    The only negative side of this is that we'll have to stop using the old Sheffield bootleg as a prank
  4. Two updates:

    The first one is a "new into circulation" Keith M master (via JEMS) of the very exciting 1992-04-12 Los Angeles Sports Arena (1st night).
    It misses the encore and had some patch work done by JEMS, but it still is great (especially the bass!)

    The second is the recording of the first 2018 Cologne show by @one8ung. I know there are a few other recordings of this date available as well, but this one is really great.
    It can only be shared as 24-bit flac files, but if you have a player that supports these flacs, it's really worth the listen. Recommended
  5. Hi guys!

    Dont know if this is the right topic but i’m looking for TUF early live version. The one that we can hear at the rehearsals in Copenhagen?? I cant find it anymore

    Thanks in advance
  6. I just remastered the 1979-08-11 Dublin, the oldest recorded concert of the band. It's only one song but the opening lyrics for OOC are different so this is a rare gem.