1. Amazing recording, thanks so much!
  2. is it the same as on guitars101 ?
  3. If its my mix then yes. I posted it over on G101 before Edge or Mediaaddict put it up w/o credits.
  4. hoserama is the greatest taper of all time
  5. Thank you !!
  6. 2020 starts wonderfully with the two recordings Dublin and Tokyo !!!
  7. Probably yes. At least when we talk about u2 concerts. Anyway I seldom listen to bootlegs of other artists.

    This Tokyo 2019 is unbelievable... so crystal clear that is like an official recording.
  8. Hoserama...... We are forever grateful to you.
  9. I gotta say, that Tokyo 2 Xavel mix 3 is one of the best IEM recordings I've ever listened to...and I've listened to most of what's out there. As usual, great job, Hoserama.