1. Dump that Xavel3 mix into the trash and get the full mix!
  2. WOW ! Can't Wait to Hear This Full Mix Many Thanx to Hoserama He's the Man!

  3. Without credits ? Or by erasing phrases in which tapers request not to share elsewhere ???
    I can't believe that
  4. Besides, Edge doesn’t even have good links. They are sites that you need to pay money for in order to get good download speeds.
  5. Thanks Hoserama!!! You're a legend. Amazing work...phenomenal clarity.
  6. Was able to listen to the Tokyo 2019 show in full today. Thanks Hoserama - amazing sound quality!
  7. I think U2 may want to hire @hoserama to record & mix their next bluray. These Dub4 and Tokyo2 matrixes sound better than many official releases out there by many bands!

  8. Well it seems mediaaddict posted it anyway. Don't know what could stop him from reposting
  9. Good catch. Classy fellow, that guy.
  10. I would record a voiceover saying "just FYI, Mediaddict has ignored taper wishes and stolen this recording!" and put it inbetween songs (or even during songs). He probably doesn't even listen to the recordings he reposts so...
  11. I think he's addicted to shamelessly reposting everything
  12. Yeah I doubt he even checks out what's in the rar files. You could thrown in a handful of videos of cats throwing batteries and glasses off tables and he would reup it anyway.