1. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

    You know I'm a sucker for as much of an audience feel as possible.

    But the 3 of them sound awesome. The Dry mix is incredible to study the instruments and really get to hear what they hear, which can be pretty different to what we end up hearing through the PA.
  2. +1

    The 3 mix are very great! but my favorite version is the wet mix.

  3. So far I seem to be enjoying the Wet Mix the most.

    Of course, all three are incredible and great thanks to Hoserama for sharing his great works!
  4. Saitama 2019...still does not work

    Now it works well on another computer, maybe a firewall-problem or something like that because it´s been a company work place. I tried it back home again and now I am happy. Thank you all for your supprt.
  5. I got an error opening the wet mix with UnRarX (on Mac) but I tried a different rar extractor and it worked fine!
  6. To open Rar files on Mac use The Unarchiver
  7. Edit: Sorted it nvm.
  8. We have added the original Jonas Blank recording of 1997-05-26 - Washington, which sounds better than the existing PopCapital bootleg in my opinion! Thanks to @Daftly for transfering it and to @UnderARedSky for bringing it up to us
  9. Thanks! Will the Zagreb audio be uploaded soon? Also I haven't found the Melbourne boot yet.
  10. Also, I just found a matrix for the 2009-10-23 Las Vegas show! u22utoo, ChrisEdge matrix.