1. Idk if any of you have seen this but this is some seriously impressive work. This is exactly what I would want to see if there was an Achtung Baby anniversary tour sometime in the future.
  2. the audio has been mixed by someone which comes here
  3. Oh really? Who?
  4. Wait I just got the hint

    Very well done my friend
  5. Yes, it‘s a true gem! Thanks so much for giving it to the community! Is there also a mix out there which ends after the AB album and fades slightly out by the ending of Love is blindness without the bonus tracks?
  6. Haha yeah we discussed it here a few months back. In case you're curious where each performance is from:

  7. I'm not John but he has posted his mix here in one topic
  8. I 'm uploading U2HD volume 1 2 3 & 4 on yggtorrents .