1. A second Tampa recording is now up in the show page.

    A wonderful recording by Mr.Foo aka The Tootsiehead.
    In my opinion it is an upgrade over kevdogg's already great recording.
    I LOVE this show
  2. The hollowmoons recording from 2017-06-16 Louisville KY is now up on the show page (audio tab):



    PS: special attention to this note from the taper:

    I want to thank all the hardcore U2 fans who are responsible for this band's longevity.
    They wouldn't have been touring 38-39 years later for me to witness them for the first time without you
    If you want to read some more about hollowmoons first U2 concert experience, see the info file in the above mentioned "audio tab"

  3. Samples coming tonight.
  4. Samples coming tonight.
  5. Thanks a lot! Sounds like it might be the best recording of the tour so far!