1. ...and what did you do in this remaster?
  2. It is interesting for historical purposes, sure. But I won't consider it rare as it was already available from our show catalogue: https://u2start.com/shows/219/#!audio

    It would be nice to see where this was originally sourced from. Someone must have had a handheld recorder or something like that.
  3. sorry mistake
  4. I am not trying to be a snob (but I have full recognition that I mostly likely am), but I urge extreme caution. It takes a lot of time and practice to remaster correctly. It's VERY easy to fall in love with some quick settings when starting out, and overcook it. My recommendation is to keep at it and mess around with the remastering, but hold off on uploading until you feel really confident. There's tons of remasters/mixes out there done by excited fans who later shook their heads over their initial efforts.

    Don't take this as discouragement in the slightest--keep at it and I STRONGLY recommend that you try acquiring some taping gear at some point to make your own masters. I'm just suggesting some caution on uploading remasters at this point.

    Just my two cents, feel free to ignore, but I imagine there will be other folks here that will have a similar sentiment.