1. So far i have:

    Rotterdam 1993
    Brussels 2005 (8th June)
    Turin 2010 (4th August)
    Dublin 1997
    Anaheim 2011

    And of course the bumper set of Las Vegas Popmart.

    Is there any others i'm missing? If so could someone please kindly upload them?

    Thanks in advance
  2. I have soundcheck from Memphis 14/05/97...
  3. Can you please upload it?
  4. There are Zoo Outside Broadcaat rehearsals from Hershey, PA out there too

  5. I don't know - have to find the CD first and also I'm not sure I have a knowledges how to upload torrent but next week will try to...
  6. I believe I've released
    Tempe 1997 IEM SCK
    Anaheim 2005 SCK
    Anaheim 2011 SCK

    Nuno also released a version of the Anaheim 2011 soundcheck, although his has more static and is missing some of the check. Although he deserves a lot of credit--lord knows I wouldn't have gotten motivated to release mine if he hadn't beaten me to the punch!
  7. Plus also sounds like you've got the entire 23 CD set for the Popmart rehearsals.
  8. There's a lot of sounchecks and some rehearsals out there... I don't remember what all I've got, I'll check it when I'm home. Some Barcelona 2009, Miami 2001, sounchecks of Popmart, Zoo tv shows, The Hague souncheck 1981, Birmingham 1984... those are the most known. Of course quality varies from great to poor sound and some are looseless, some mp3. ..
  9. Yeah, i've got the 23 disc popmart set!

    I believe there's also IEM elevation rehearsals too