1. In this series we have been and will be regularly interviewing fans during the tour to ask them about their personal experiences. Today we have a unique interview with Sil Rigote, who has attended many of the North American shows and has streamed them for all fans worldwide, including the intimate Roxy show. It also includes her story on a special surprise at the very last show of the #U2ieTour first leg. Enjoy this interview

    -You've attended 16 out of 36 shows from the first leg of the I&E Tour. How has been the whole experience? Did you buy all tickets at the same time or got them through several months?

    The experience has been nothing but joy. I had a goal in mind of how many shows I wanted to see and it went beyond my expectations. I got all my GA tickets ( not including NY6 and NY7 because they were not on my plans) during the pre sale for the fan club and pubic sale. I had a group of 7 AMAZING friends who are not all even U2 fans, they are my jammers (Pearl Jam fan/friends) who helped me with every single public and pre sale, some of them even became members of U2.com ONLY to help me and of course I had my husband and my beloved Eli heIping me. I have the best friends in the world.

    -You also were lucky enough to attend the famous Roxy show. How was seeing the band in that intimate enviroment, compared to the macro concerts we're used to?

    When I learned about that concert, I actually though "Oh NO!", because I knew that the odds to get in, were close to zero. Luckly after 5 days calling every single hour from 9am to 9pm, even while waiting on the GA line, or minutes before the concerts started, Ken my husband got lucky and won tickets. That truly felt like winning the lottery. That was the most amazing U2 experience I've ever had. To be in a tiny little venue, with only other 499 lucky fans and seeing my favorite band right there in front of my nose was beyond amazing. It was U2 in it's raw and pure format. No special effects, no big screens, it was only the 4 Irish guys that we love so much and their instruments. Listen to 11'O Clock Tick Tock, with Bono literally on top of me, was just surreal. It felt like a trip back to the 80's.

    -You've streamed many shows live through your phone and thousands of fans have listened to them as they happened - for which we're super grateful. How did you come up with the idea of streaming them? Did you find any negative point regarding streaming the shows, did it interfere with you enjoying the shows in any way?

    I had streamed some of the U2360 shows already. Back then, we used 1000 Mikes, where you streamed through an actual phone line, so quality was pretty bad, but better than nothing. When the U2ieTour was about to start, my friend Vagner, also from U2BR.com, asked me if we were going to do the streaming again and introduced me to Mixlr. I went to see The Manic Street Preachers and tested it there, we figured that the sound was great and decided to go with it, starting in Vancouver. It did not interfere with me enjoying the shows at all, since I kept jumping, singing and yelling as you all could hear, lol. I was there to have fun and enjoy my favorite band, streaming the show was not an obligation, I originally did it, so my Brazilian people could enjoy it with me. The only down part is to hold the phone and not be able to clap properly, lol.

    -Regarding the proper shows, you've actually got to witness some song debuts and lived amazing shows. How has the show evolved since you first saw it in May until the last NYC show last week of July? How could the band improve the overall show or the setlist in your opinion?

    Every begining of a tour is open to mistakes. There were few here and there since Vancouver. First time they played "Sweetest Thing" was pretty bad, lol, but the show itself has become a blast to watch over and over again. I don't mind the mistakes and I enjoy when they try new songs, even if they don't come out as good. We want to hear things never played before we want as many songs from the new album to be played, that is why we go to so many shows, because we want to see what's different. i believe Europe will get amazing nights, since the band is now more used to the concept of this tour and is also more open to chalanges. i like this set list, however my only sugestion would be to change it more from night to night. I know that some songs have to stay no matter what, but use the e stage segment to change, that is the part of the show that the band can relax and interact with us fans. i think that should be the part of the show where the band say "BRING YOUR REQUESTS", wouldn't that be awesome?

    -What are your personal Top Five moments of the tour so far (during or besides shows equally)?

    The 5 top moments that stick into my mind are:

    - Vancouver night 1, when Bono starts singing MOFO, before going into Iris, I almost had a heart attack, was literally in tears, since POP is my favorite album.
    -Vancouver night 2, when they played Miracle Drug and Bad...oh boy that was amazing! I will never forget.
    -Phoenix night 1, IN GOD'S COUNTRY. That night was magical, there was something in the air, before the show I had my POP Vinyl FINALLY signed by all 4, that meant the world to me.
    -LA night 5, before the show I told Bono how I had seen all shows and how that would be my last for a while and asked if he could play something that hasn't been played before. They played Ordinary Love, a song that I had requested already back in 2014 when I talked to Bono during a Q&A.
    -New York night 6. Do I have to explain? All I have to say about that night is TWO HEARTS BEAT AS ONE. I don't think I can explain with words what I felt when they started playing that song, I think that there was no one happier than me inside that arena, seriously, was an unbelievable feeling.
    Can I make it 6?
    - NEW YORK NIGHT 8!!! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! Being on stage when I thought our chances were gone, once the other girl was pulled, then they play PARTY GIRL, Bono gives me his glass of champagne and we have BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE and end with 40? We are definitely fans of THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD.
    You might ask "What about The Roxy Sil?" Well, that night we put aside, that night was something else. And along with that night, I put aside the 20th Anniversary of @atU2 party. UNFORGETABLE.


    Thanks a lot Sil for this interview and thanks for your dedication, in behalf of the whole U2start community!
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